An interesting aspect of Eagle Eye Holidays Resorts is that it is not too heavy on the pockets of budget travelers. One can choose from Standard Rooms, Cottages, Villas, Tree House, Sky Walk Villas, Waterfall Villas and Glass House – at an affordable and reasonable rate without worrying too much about the financial burden. It is an ideal retreat for budget travelers as well as the most luxury holiday seekers. The tariff of all categories is inclusive of meals along with a complimentary package.

Glass house with indoor private pool

The crowning glory at Eagle Eye Holidays Resorts is of course the glass house with an indoor individual swimming pool in each room. The glass house is built with eco-friendly interlocking wall bricks with wall to wall glass from front view for enjoying the panoramic beauty of nature. There are 4 cots in a room and can be taken on twin sharing and even sharing by 4 persons. All the guest houses come with a complimentary package that comprises fishing, coracle ride, plantation walk, bird watching, forest trek, indoor and outdoor games, camp fire etc,. On request activities include wild life safari, target practicing, adventure trek, river side picnic, site seeing adventure activities and white water rafting etc.

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Waterfall Villa

Another major attraction is the waterfall villa wherein there is a waterfall just opposite the bed.

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Skywalk Villa

Are spacious, with three sides eco – interlocking brick wall and front view side is glass wall for the scenic view. The specialty of the Skywalk villa is the sit out flooring is made of glass flooring about 80 feet high.

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The Tree House

The tree house at Eagle Eye Holidays Resorts is a unique concept aimed at giving a feeling of being on cloud 9 literally for the holiday seekers. With a built-up area of 750 sqft, the tree house has a portico, living bedroom with attached bath and toilet and other luxurious facilities. It provides a 360 degree view of the fog filled surrounding giving a feeling as if the clouds move towards the tree house. The flashing sun rays of the dawn chasing the misty fog is truly amazing and one cannot miss viewing the array of distant mountains spread up to Kudremukh peak. Watching the panoramic view of the golden hues of the sunset from the tree house is sure to drive the holiday seekers almost into delirium. The tree house with complete privacy is the right destination for honeymoon and unwinding.

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The Closed Tree House

 closed-tree-house1a  closed-tree-house2a

Valley View Duplex Cottages
These are ‘Designed’ for group of 12 people.

Duplex Cottages

These cottages are thatched roof, interior design of bamboo finishing with attach.

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Are meant for 2 to 4 people, in a room there are 4 cots and some villas are with interior of wooden panel, some are built with eco- inter locking wall bricks.

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Are meant for 2 people, with a sit out and attach with good view from the room.

Photo of Rooms - 2


Dedicating a whole page to the Tree House was necessary as this is a whole new world by itself in this Paradise Beyond Compare. This 750 sq. feet Tree House made entirely from wood and bamboo, featuring a Portico, a bedroom, an attached bath and a toilet.  The Tree House lets you experience a rustic lifestyle, but does not compromise on comfort as the Tree House has electricity, an intercom, back-up emergency lamps, lanterns, and modern bathrooms.

The Tree House is built in such a way, that it gives you a 360° view of the entire valley, the golden sunsets, an amazing view of the mountains right up to the Kuduremukh peak, and the sunrays slowly peeping in from the fog at dawn, right from the bedroom. In spite of this, the height of the Tree House gives excellent privacy, which makes it an ideal Honeymoon Getaway.

Apart from this great view, just the feeling of the clouds moving towards you and the serenity and peace you get here, would be an ideal way to get in touch with your inner self or simply to unwind and relax.